Boiler Repair Company Lanarkshire

nestslideSOS Plumbing and Heating offer a comprehensive range of top quality Boiler Repair Services to customers all over Paisley and the surrounding area.  Established in 2004, SOS Plumbing and Heating have created a fantastic repertoire with customers and have first hand experience of the industry throughout it’s changes.

Our team of highly trained and qualified Specialists are fully licensed to carry out boiler repairs on a comprehensive range of heating systems on both domestic and commercial property.  SOS Plumbing and Heating strive to exceed your expectations wherever possible and take steps to ensure that all of our team members are at the forefront of all industry changes and are fully qualified to undertake any work with regards to the latest legislation.

Our Specialists are always on hand to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns you may have, providing detailed and easy to understand explanations of all aspects of the work that will be carried out.  We work closely with all customers, assessing the property and providing a FREE No Obligation Quote to ensure that there is a full understanding of all aspects of the job at hand and their costs.

All work carried out on site is completed to the highest possible standards to ensure that your boiler is working to it’s highest standard for as long as possible.  Should new parts be needed, our staff ensure that customers are fully aware and understand all aspects of the job at hand.  SOS Plumbing and Heating use only top of the range equipment and techniques to ensure that your boiler remains in working order and saves you as much money on your energy bills as possible.

We work closely with all customers to ensure that should any problems arise, they are in full understanding of our costs and processes.  All of our Boiler Repairs are offered at highly competitive prices and completely transparent, ensuring that you are not caught out by any unexpected charges.

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