Boiler Servicing

SOS-Fleet-cut_02Getting your gas boiler serviced regularly is an important part of keeping your home in order.

An annual service is a legal requirement for a landlord but not for home owners and because of this the majority of us do not get our gas appliances checked as often as they should.

One of the main reasons for getting your gas boiler or gas appliance checked is for safety. Deadly carbon monoxide is produced by badly performing appliances and servicing will pick up on any defects or poorly performing appliances. 

Modern condensing boilers are set up precisely to use the correct amounts of gas/air mixture. This can be tested during an annual service and set up to give the maximum efficiency from your central heating system.

Boiler1A condensing boiler when in operation will produce slightly acidic water. This water is produced from the spent flue gases and runs back through the boiler to a drain pipe. If there happened to be any cracks or leaks from the condensate section then the water that leaks into the metal parts of the boiler can rot through the appliance in a very short time. Not only will this lead to an unsafe situation but could also mean the boiler would be uneconomical to repair and may require a replacement.

The need for servicing has never been greater and any boiler guarantees that are in place from the manufacturer would require paper-work to prove this in the event of a break-down under warranty. Our servicing and gas safety checks come with an electronic document that is sent to the user on completion of the job.

Many insurance policies that cover boilers and heating systems do not provide an annual service. It is up to the house holder to provide this. Insurances through bank accounts etc or home insurance will require a service document to validate the policy so it is vitally important to avoid the costly repairs when cover is already in place.

See our pricing for further details.

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A thoroughly professional job from start to finish. I couldn’t be happier with the result.
Bob Keith
Good tradesman are hard to find. Thank you to you and the lads.
A Provan
Thanks for great service!
E Capecchi

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