Energy Efficiency

Did you know?

£1 in every £3 spent on energy in the home is instantly wasted.
If everyone with gas central heating installed a new condensing boiler we’d save over 13 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, as much as the annual emissions of over 2 million homes.
Source: Energy Savings Trust

With the recent increases in gas prices we have found a growing demand for energy efficiency boilers. We are qualified in energy efficiency.

For domestic gas systems, allowing preservation to the environment continued saving to our customers.

We will be able to advise you on the most energy efficient system to for your home including the best high efficiency condensing boiler.

What is a high-efficiency condensing boiler?

Boilers, just like fridges, washing machines, etc, are rated on their energy usage. Condensing boilers are high-efficiency boilers that produce less carbon dioxide. They reduce the amount of heat that escapes via the flue, compared with normal boilers. Condensing boilers also convert 86% or more of the fuel they use into heat and many carry the ‘Energy Efficiency Recommended’ logo.

There is a very wide range of condensing gas boilers available and many consumers have already chosen to have a condensing boiler because of the benefits that they bring.

Energy Efficiency Bands

As a simple guide to efficiency, a scheme has been created with SEDBUK efficiency bands assigned to boilers on an “A” to “G” scale. The band is shown in the database and may be used on product literature and labels, though there is no requirement for manufacturers to do so. The scheme is temporary as it will be withdrawn when a European directive on boiler energy labelling is introduced.


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