Heating Controls

Nest ImageCentral heating and hot water controls are essential to giving the house holder the best efficiency from their heating system.

So many systems are installed without even the most basic controls that time has proved WILL save money.

Here is some information on the kind of controls we can offer and install.

For Combi boilers only:

Programmable room thermostats.

A programmable room thermostat will control the heating only on a combi boiler. This can be wired directly to the boiler or can be wireless for situations where a cable is not practical to install.

This type of controller will enable the user to control the time that the heating is switched on at and also the temperature of the room in which the thermostat would be placed. On completion of any installation we will set up the controls to suit the house-holder and make sure they are comfortable with the set up.

Room thermostat and Timer

This is a separate room thermostat and timer. The timer will bring the heating on and off according to the pre-set times. A separate room thermostat will be set by the user and is positioned usually in the hall of a property or in the living area. Like the programmable room thermostat this will keep the temperature of the room stable when the heating timer is on. A separate timer means that the pre-heat hot water function on combi boilers can be set to times also. The pre-heat hot water function keeps a constant bank of warm water stored. If this is not timed it can run during the night when the hot water is not required.

For system or regular boilers with hot water storage tanks:

For systems with a hot water tank then a twin channel time-clcok would be required. This enables heating and hot water to be timed. On some older systems we encounter situations where there are no thermostats on the hot water storage tank or room thermostats. If there are no thermostats on the system then the user will be burning energy thats not necessary and costing themselves extra money.

On any system boiler, we will tailor the system to suit the individual job.

We can utilise wireless thermostats in this scenario if cables can’t be routed between boiler and hot water tank etc. Building regulations state that on all new installations heating and hot water control must be fully thermostatic.

Control types

When installing these types of control we like to offer good quality products that are user friendly. We also like to embrace any new technologies that can help save money and make things even more convenient for the user.

Here are the different types of control we can offer: Images.

Worcester WaveHoneywell CM and RF2 Sundial range  

SOS Plumbing and Heating are proud to be part of the Honeywell Installers Network and have received training on the installation of these products. Honeywell are one of the worlds leading names in heating controls.

The Honeywell range includes the CM927 wireless programmable room thermostat that is ideal for combi boilers. The unit is very easy to use and customise. Some additional features like optimum start and holiday mode make this one of our most popular controllers.

The Honeywell RF Sundial range allow wireless thermostats to be added to existing hot water tanks and rooms that previously had no thermostatic controls. The wireless set-up also means that no cables have to be routed. This system is good for modernising existing systems and convenient for new installations too. The RF range are similarly easy to use and customise.

Worcester Bosch controls.

As approved Worcester Bosch installers we can offer any Worcester Bosch controller with an 8 year guarantee if installed with a new Worcester Bosch boiler. The control types for this range vary and will accommodate any of the systems mentioned above. Worcester have also launched a smart controller that can be operated via a smart phone app. This controller is the only one of its kind and connects to your home wi-fi. Weather updates via the internet make this the only weather compensating thermostat that doesn’t require an outdoor sensor.

Worcester Comfort controls will add extra efficiency to heating systems by using load compensation. This will automatically adjust the heat output of the boiler to suit the size of the system.

The savings that this can create are estimated at 10%.

The Comfort controllers come with wireless thermostats or wireless programmable thermostats so there is a solution for every need.

If they are installed with a new Worcester Bosch boiler they will receive the same guarantee as the boiler ( up to 9 years if installed with a boiler and hot water storage cylinder).”

We are also wanting to open a section up with instructional videos on how to top up pressures / set time controls etc.


As Nest certified professionals we are very pleased to be able to supply and install this heating controller that is very easy to use and nice to look at too. The Nest can be adapted on to most system or combi boilers. It also connects to the wi-fi system in the home and can be controlled via any smart phone/tablet app or web browser. The Nest is a learning thermostat that will learn in a short period of time what your heating requirements are. It can be customised or switched on before you arrive home from work for example.

We can also install in conjunction with this thermostat, the Nest Protect. This is a smoke alarm/Carbon monoxide detector that links to your Nest phone app. Should there be an alert at home then an alarm will activate on the app to warn of any dangers.

Nest labs are leading the way in Smart home technology and this is a big part of home connectivity that is a growing market. New features are added all the time that bring even more to the user experience.

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