Plumbing & Heating Prices

Installing Heating Systems

At SOS Plumbing and Heating we use quality materials at all times and offer the highest quality in workmanship we believe that no two homes are the same and that every heating system or bathroom/ kitchen requires a different plumbing solution. Because of this we believe that all installation work should be assessed before providing a price for the work. We will not give a price for work before assessing work required. Our plumbing and heating prices are tailored to fit your budget and deliver value for money.

Plumbing and heating prices can vary, some companies offers a wholesale or ‘one size fits all’ solution for heating systems or choose from a list of pre-determined radiator sizes and a set amoun oft pipe etc. We believe in the interests of quality and energy efficiency in fitting radiators that are correct in size and with the right output for the room. Because of this we may not be able to offer a price match with other companies. However if you are keen for us to install your heating system but we are not the cheapest quote, why not let us know and we will see what we can do. We may not be the cheapest but we are amongst the very best.

We would also be happy to offer you a quote for installation of your Bathrooms or Kitchens too.

Breakdowns & Repairs

When your boiler breaks down or you have a leak anywhere in the home we know its important that the problem is attended to as soon as possible. If you call us out for a Breakdowns or repair we’ll charge you £60 + VAT if we can repair it in one hour. If we are unable to repair the problem in an hour or your boiler requires a part we’ll give you a price for repair and not charge the initial £60 + VAT.

So if we fix your problem in an hour the cost is £60 + VAT. If it going to take longer or you require a part we’ll quote you a price for the repair free of charge.

Boiler repairs
– Boiler diagnose or fixed first time within the first hour £60 (Prices may change depending on job)
– If the work takes longer than 1 hour the rate drops to £30 after the first hour has passed. (Labour Only)
– If we have to do any travelling for parts while at the job the £30 will continue until job is complete.
Out of hours – £85+VAT for the first hour dropping to £40 after the first hour has passed.(Labour Only)
Plumbing repairs – £45+VAT for the first hour dropping to £30+VAT per hour after the first hour has passed (Labour Only)
Out of hours Plumbing repairs – £70+VAT for the first hour dropping to £40+VAT per hour after the first hour has passed (Labour Only)
Gas Safety Certificates – £65+VAT Includes up to 3 Appliances
Out of hours Gas Safety Certificates -£110+VAT Includes up to 3 Appliances
Standard Boiler Service – £65+VAT
Out of hours Standard Boiler Service -£85+VAT

No quotations are given for smaller heating or plumbing repairs. Just based on the above information. We will remain transparent in any case. All customers will be given the option before proceeding with any repairs. The first hour is chargeable for all repairs however.

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