Safe use of gas boilers – Gas Safety Updates

This is an excerpt from RBS Mentor Aware – Underlining the importance of Gas Safety

A recent fatality at a dry-cleaners involving an open-flued gas boiler has highlighted the need to ensure the safety of all gas boilers, some of which may have been installed several decades ago. These boilers carry a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, fire or explosion and therefore need to be properly maintained.

Gas boilers in industrial or commercial premises should always be regularly serviced and maintained by a competent gas engineer. This will include any associated equipment such as flues and also ventilation requirements.

Commenting on this, Jerry Hill, Mentor’s Head of Consultancy Support, Safety, Health and Environmental, said: “Anyone working with gas has to be registered as trained and competent to do so and be members of the Gas Safe Register by law.”

“That way, customers can be sure they are dealing with an engineer who is qualified to do the job. Unregistered installers who carry out gas work expose people to unacceptable risks that can prove fatal.”

A reminder to use qualified tradesmen at all times.

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