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wbslideWe are proud of our accreditation with Worcester Bosch products and they have been named the Which? Best Buy for the fourth year running. 

The main boilers they produce come in 3 different categories:

  • Combi boilers
  • System boilers 
  • Regular boiler


Here are the different ranges of Worcester Bosch boilers we can offer and install with 8 year warranties.

The Greenstar Cdi Classic gas wall hung boiler range:

The CDi Classic range offer the most features of all the Worcester models. They allow the central heating and hot water temperatures to be controlled individually by the user. The most important feature of this model is that the heating and hot water will both condense giving excellent efficiency. The sometimes difficult task of topping up the boiler pressure is made easy on this model with one lever to add water. No pipes to connect or valves to open and close. Pull the lever until the pressure has reached the right level and thats it. An addition benefit is that the condensate water will discharge in higher amounts meaning less chance of freezing in the winter. This has caused boilers to shut down in winter when they are needed the most. The improved flow rates of the CDi Classic range can provide enough hot water flow to supply an additional bathroom.

The Greenstar CDi Compact gas wall hung boiler range:

The is the most recent addition to the Worcester boiler range and is one of the smallest and most efficient that Worcester have ever produced. The size of the boiler impresses the most and will easily fit into a standard kitchen wall unit without compromising on accessibility or performance. Like the Cdi Classic, the Compact will also condense in both heating and hot water modes.

The Greenstar Si Compact gas wall hung combi boiler range:

This is a redesigned boiler that gives the benefits of the Cdi Compact range in terms of size and will easily fit into a standard kitchen wall cupboard. Generally these are perfect for flats or medium sizes homes with a single bath/shower room. The flow rates on hot water will still deliver upto 12.3 l/m despite the compact design. The Si range come with a fixing jig meaning that it can be pre-piped in full before the boiler is mounted. This can make a big difference to the installation when the space is limited.

The Greenstar Highflow Cdi gas floor standing storage combi boiler range:

The Highflow Cdi range provides some of the benefits of the Cdi wall mounted range but ultimately gives superior hot water performance. The Highflow is like a normal combi boiler but has a built in reservoir of heat to give high flow rates of hot water. This can be perfect for homes that have limited space for storage tanks or for installations where its not practical to install a storage vessel.

The Greenstar FS gas regular floor standing boiler range:

The FS range are perfect for replacing older floor standing boilers or when the wall space isn’t available. The high heat outputs makes it suitable for larger homes too that have many radiators to heat. A flexible flue system is available too that will allow this boiler to use an existing chimney. A scenario like this can be common for some homes and this provides the perfect solution..

The Greenstar Ri gas wall hung boiler range:

The Ri regular boiler is a very compact size but can still heat some larger properties. They come in a variety of outputs to suit all types of home. The compact size means it will easily fit into a kitchen unit. This type of regular boiler like the FS is designed to supply a hot water tank and radiators so for some it will replace an existing boiler without much disruption.

We have installed all of these models previously and our customers have been very happy with the performance and the impact they have made on their heating bills.

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We are very pleased with the work and level of service we received from yourself, Iain and Jamie and will retain your number to recommend to others and use again if we have any future plumbing or heat…
Alison Paterson
A thoroughly professional job from start to finish. I couldn’t be happier with the result.
Bob Keith
Good tradesman are hard to find. Thank you to you and the lads.
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